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Good news, bad news

Well the good news is we had the CT scan and the abdominal lump is real, not just hypochondria. It’s also quite big which unfortunately means they want to remove it… Apparently they don’t know what it is at this stage, just that it… Continue Reading “Good news, bad news”

Fuck Valium

The shrink and the GP have been talking, apparently the GP is less delicate with words or remembering her lies than the ol P-doc and to be honest I’m a touch miffed after a phone call version of an appointment which was on the… Continue Reading “Fuck Valium”

I Hope I haven’t Killed My Father

Fuck. Yeah I’m starting a lot of sentences with swear words at the moment but We’re stressed. Currently to the point where Catherine had to turn the heart rate alert thingy off on our watch yesterday because she’s been out so much and it… Continue Reading “I Hope I haven’t Killed My Father”

Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste

It took us a while to find the right building as we came into the hospital once again, this time for the pre-chemo information session. Mum had been given instructions over the phone to go to ‘the fourth floor” but had somehow missed the… Continue Reading “Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste”

Ageing Parents

I’m throwing myself a bit of a pity party right now, pardon the incoming rant…. If you read the blog regularly you might remember that my Father has Alzheimer’s and I don’t recall if I (or We) mentioned that he was also diagnosed with… Continue Reading “Ageing Parents”

Que Sera

Life is a roller coaster. We all start out the same way, screaming bundles of DNA and neurons ready to be sculpted into a self aware conscious being. We don’t know if it’s going to be a short life or a long one, happy… Continue Reading “Que Sera”