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Set Us Free

I was supposed to go into the city to have a blood test today to check I’m ok for chemo on Monday but the blood test place is shut due to the Easter long weekend even though Google says it’s open I rang to… Continue Reading “Set Us Free”


I wagged chemo this week. If I’m honest Im a touch on the depressed side right now and I just couldn’t face it. The thought of the cancer growing just wasn’t enough motivation to get out of bed. You know those days when you’re… Continue Reading “Emu-ism”

Cancer Update

Tomorrow morning we have our first set of CT scans since starting chemo. We’ve had 5 of 12 rounds of the chemo combo known as “folfiri” which is a combination of fluorouracil, irinotecan and folinic acid, we get this via IV infusion every two… Continue Reading “Cancer Update”

Pixies and Poison

It’s 35 degrees Celsius today and I’m lying on a blue hospital recliner with a blanket shivering while chemo #2 courses it’s poisonous way around my veins. Has anyone else noticed how Hospital air conditioning always seems to be set 5 degrees below comfortable?… Continue Reading “Pixies and Poison”

I Hope I haven’t Killed My Father

Fuck. Yeah I’m starting a lot of sentences with swear words at the moment but We’re stressed. Currently to the point where Catherine had to turn the heart rate alert thingy off on our watch yesterday because she’s been out so much and it… Continue Reading “I Hope I haven’t Killed My Father”

Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste

It took us a while to find the right building as we came into the hospital once again, this time for the pre-chemo information session. Mum had been given instructions over the phone to go to ‘the fourth floor” but had somehow missed the… Continue Reading “Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste”