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Hospitals & Snoring Roommates

I wake up in a pool of sweat and look around the half lit room, it takes me a moment to figure out I’m in hospital, then I remember that’s right I don’t have ovaries anymore, menopause has rudely hit 15 years early and… Continue Reading “Hospitals & Snoring Roommates”


Wildfires are raging through my country. My state and my coastline are burning, the nearby hills are on fire, a thick blanket of smoke that descended upon us weeks ago lifts briefly as the wind changes, enough to just catch a glimpse of the… Continue Reading “Echoes”

On Memory & Feeling Lost

I somehow got bogged down in a pile of research literature and videos and things I’ve written somewhere along the way and now I think my head is going to explode. I am at this point where my quest for answers is disabling me… Continue Reading “On Memory & Feeling Lost”


How can we stop turning everything that happens to our family and friends into a reflection our own experiences? How can we take new information on and react appropriately without spontaneously combusting on the inside as the bandaids fall off our crippling unclosed wounds?… Continue Reading “Aftermath”


“Stop working so hard, not at your job, in your mind. I’m wondering if there’s something you’ve been trying not to think about, not wanting to think about and avoiding it is using up an awful lot of energy… Yeah. Okay, there are about… Continue Reading “Hippos”

Airplanes & Apple Blossoms

The air outside is thick with the scent of wattle and Apple blossom, the icy chill of winter has finally passed and spring is here, well at least for a week or so, Jack Frost always comes back for one last bite before skipping… Continue Reading “Airplanes & Apple Blossoms”

Living in a Strange & Foreign World

Right now I look around the room, the walls bend and curve oh so slightly in time to the pulse of the universe and shadows slip in and out of 3D formation. I am wondering how I got here, I’m lying on a bed… Continue Reading “Living in a Strange & Foreign World”

Cold Water

Do you ever wake up feeing like your heart is squeezing blood up in through the little veins in your throat, faster and faster until a metallic tang invades your tongue and taste buds, your chest vibrates, someone is grabbing hold of your sternum… Continue Reading “Cold Water”

A Long Road To Nowhere

I’m so tired. Exhausted in fact. This is all too much for me right now, my heads full. Can I unplug from the world for a while? Please? Simply sleep, be still, be quiet with no demands placed upon me other than simple existence? I… Continue Reading “A Long Road To Nowhere”