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Last week we seem to of accidentally opened Pandora’s box of mental madness by opening up in therapy a little about one of the childhood trauma things we’ve been avoiding and now it seems I’m struggling to regain control. I keep wandering the house… Continue Reading “Forgettery”

Story time: Acceptable Relationship Age Gaps, or Grooming?

*content warning grooming, eating disorders and also Looong post warning! Our teenagers years had been rocky to put it mildly. I’ve been haunted by this part of our life lately and in particular I am having difficulty reconciling the dynamics of a relationship we… Continue Reading “Story time: Acceptable Relationship Age Gaps, or Grooming?”

Suicide’s Siren Song

On the blog today, on chronic suicidal thoughts and accidentally overcoming a lifetime of suicidal ideation.
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Out Loud

I’m getting frustrated with parts of us,Recovery from trauma is a slow process, I understand that but We have been in therapy 5 years, longer actually because we had a different therapist before this one an I think we saw her for a couple… Continue Reading “Out Loud”

Dear T

Dear T,Remember back in 2011, that conversation we had outside your old house? We sat in the car a good hour after we got home just talking. I’d confided in you how sometimes I knew things happened before they did, and how I’d seen… Continue Reading “Dear T”

The Water

Growing up was hard for a variety of reasons, my mental and emotional health has been questionable for most of my life, even as a little kid my peers found me unpredictable and annoying, their parents felt I was a bad influence, then I… Continue Reading “The Water”

What a difference a year makes.

I have been going through old unpublished writings from my drafts folder and stumbled across this one. I can’t believe how much things have changed since this was written, though I guess 2020 was pretty much a decade long. If only we could go… Continue Reading “What a difference a year makes.”


Sometimes night leaves you with nothing but an urge to burst from your skin. Darkness encompasses everything around you and all that’s left to do is run your fingers along your increasingly protruding bones and write words in your mind over and over until… Continue Reading “Feather”

Lonely Hollow

“Four children? I don’t believe it. You look 25 and look at that flat stomach, how could you possibly have carried four children? What’s your secret?” It was meant as a compliment, but it eats into my heart like dreams of forbidden food. In… Continue Reading “Lonely Hollow”


I say something insignificant and he answers abruptly. The vibe is off, I look at him. That expression on his face, the weight in the atmosphere fractures my heart and it makes me want to die instantly. Nothing else matters anymore. That look of… Continue Reading “Fractured”