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Invisible Tripwires

*This is a throw back from our drafts folder circa June 2020 ish? Pre cancer diagnosis but while knowing we were physically unwell and attempting to find out what was wrong. – Kate Most of the time my life feels like a well known… Continue Reading “Invisible Tripwires”

So Over Hospitals

I’m sitting in a super uncomfortable chair in the foyer of the hospital hiding because it’s too windy and cold to sit outside. I’m not allowed to actually go into the emergency department today – there’s a new strict one visitor per patient rule… Continue Reading “So Over Hospitals”

Fuck Valium

The shrink and the GP have been talking, apparently the GP is less delicate with words or remembering her lies than the ol P-doc and to be honest I’m a touch miffed after a phone call version of an appointment which was on the… Continue Reading “Fuck Valium”

Yes, Doctor.

So as previously mentioned, I have been avoiding my mental health ‘team’ a little bit lately, if I’m honest, this is mostly because I have been ‘elevated’ and I wish to continue being so and was scared of having my happiness shut down or… Continue Reading “Yes, Doctor.”