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Rest now, little one.

Clive died today. Also known by the names “Guinea Rat”, “Squeaks”, “Piggles” and “Mr Piggy”, Clive was our pet Guinea Pig and an important member of our family. He had patchy brown fur and a little cowlick rosette on his head, but other than… Continue Reading “Rest now, little one.”


Time falls around me like broken glass, glinting in the sun. Memories reflect off the shards, twisting, turning. I remember you in a warm glow. A laugh, a smile, a red ribbon in your curly blonde hair, you were flying on our hill. Then… Continue Reading “Zeitgeist”

Brave Girls Don’t Cry

New Blog Post on a memory that resurfaced about the night I thought I’d lose my Mum.

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Que Sera

Life is a roller coaster. We all start out the same way, screaming bundles of DNA and neurons ready to be sculpted into a self aware conscious being. We don’t know if it’s going to be a short life or a long one, happy… Continue Reading “Que Sera”


*** Update*** They have found her, she is apparently safe but I haven’t been given any more details at this point. Fingers crossed she gets some real help this time ! ****** If you’re the thoughts and prayers type, can you send a few… Continue Reading “Runaway”

Dear Donna

Dear Donna, What a year, huh? I don’t think any of us expected it to go quite like this, or maybe deep down we did, we just tried really hard not to think about it for a long time. I know we never actually… Continue Reading “Dear Donna”

A Week of Goodbyes

Time passes as the daylight finally gives up on trying to peek beyond the tightly pulled curtains and disappears below the horizon for another day. Wind howls outside and it seems nothing is still but the shattered beat of our broken heart as we… Continue Reading “A Week of Goodbyes”