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This post was written in October 2020 and never published. I’m not sure who among us wrote it, but I feel it deserved to be published. Kate I just woke up to my nurse and a doctor who looked exactly like Ted from Schitts… Continue Reading “Equilibrium”

The Positivity Post

Except for a brief moment yesterday when “Donald Trump” decided to be a complete shit, I’ve been feeling really positive lately. It’s a bit weird, but I’m going with it. I actually legitimately got offered a job the other day then when I told… Continue Reading “The Positivity Post”


I just woke up to my nurse and a doctor who looked exactly like Ted from Schitts Creek standing over me saying my name and offering me an enema. Obviously I had to second guess my state of consciousness there for a moment, particularly… Continue Reading “Oracle”

The Bag Lady

So within minutes of publishing the last post on Friday I had a phone call from the surgeon asking if I could come in for the ileostomy surgery right away instead of Monday as their Monday list had filled up but he could squeeze… Continue Reading “The Bag Lady”

Old Baggage, New Bag

I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t googled “does an ileostomy cause weight loss” before googling how the procedure to divert my partially digested foods into an external bag actually works; and I’m embarrassed to say how disappointed I was with the… Continue Reading “Old Baggage, New Bag”