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Podcasts and Freakouts

We’ve been having intermittent internal meltdowns since recording a pod cast with our friend JP aka Jamoalki from “Depressed Not Dead”. We had wanted to record a show for ages but it’s hard for me to get any uninterrupted time with a simultaneously good… Continue Reading “Podcasts and Freakouts”

Mental Health & The Right To Bear Arms

*This is a flashback Friday Post from my old blog, first published 17th Feb 2017* The topic of mental health and the right to own a firearm has come up a bit recently, there have been a few deep conversations on Twitter and I… Continue Reading “Mental Health & The Right To Bear Arms”

The Sins of Their Mother

Wednesday was the closest I have come to killing myself since April last year. I have been falling for a while but only recently found myself completely consumed by depression once more. I have been teetering in and out of intensely suicidal thoughts for… Continue Reading “The Sins of Their Mother”

Straight From The Horses Bedroom

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times… I totally feel that statement right now, I guess it’s a classic sentence for a good reason. The closest thing I have to ‘stable’ right now is what my horse’s call their… Continue Reading “Straight From The Horses Bedroom”

Jamoalki Guest Posts!

I am lucky enough to have the lovely ‘Depressed Not Dead’ pod caster extraordinaire jamoalki come on here today (and hopefully again in the future) to share some of his story with you! I will also give a quick *Trigger Warning* here as the… Continue Reading “Jamoalki Guest Posts!”