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Full House

On January 1st after we had pried the last of the drunk teenagers from the house and the hangover from our ‘thank god 2020 is over’ party wore off, Mr18 packed up his room and went to live with his girlfriend in the city.… Continue Reading “Full House”


*** Update*** They have found her, she is apparently safe but I haven’t been given any more details at this point. Fingers crossed she gets some real help this time ! ****** If you’re the thoughts and prayers type, can you send a few… Continue Reading “Runaway”

*Strangled Cat Noises*

I HATE not being able to fix things. I’m a fixer, that’s what I do. It’s my coping with chaos strategy: suck it up, see it out, hold back all the feeling stuff shit. God knows I’ve dealt with enough chaos to last a… Continue Reading “*Strangled Cat Noises*”

Dear Mr 14…

Mr 15 has had a phone for a year, no dramas. He exchanges house work for credit and I can contact him in an emergency. Perfect. Mr 14 just got his first mobile phone, but unfortunately he is now using it to ring or… Continue Reading “Dear Mr 14…”

Salty Air For The Soul

Mr 11 Graduated year 6 the other day, I can’t believe my third born already starts high school in January! The school held a (very) small 5 minute ceremony where they handed out graduation certificates and then had a morning tea afterward. I’ve got… Continue Reading “Salty Air For The Soul”