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My dear Lucy, tonight I found you in the dusty depths of a long ago time. I saw our home in the rolling green hills. We stood outside the stable on well worn earth, breathing in the fresh scent of early morning spring dew,… Continue Reading “Lucy”

The Moods of the Sea

There’s something magical about the moods of the sea. Calm waves gently lapping on the shore, bringing forth tiny secrets from the vast depths that lay behind them. Little shells line the beach marking the edge of yesterday’s tide, once homes to the critters… Continue Reading “The Moods of the Sea”

Nose Job

I woke up bleary eyed and confused to discover the phone that had been ringing in my dream was actually ringing in real life. I stumbled through the dark kitchen and attempted to pick it up. The caller was apparently my son, Mr 16.… Continue Reading “Nose Job”