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Full House

On January 1st after we had pried the last of the drunk teenagers from the house and the hangover from our ‘thank god 2020 is over’ party wore off, Mr18 packed up his room and went to live with his girlfriend in the city.… Continue Reading “Full House”

Order in the Court

I’d never set foot in a courtroom before this morning. What can I say, I’ve never been caught before I’m just an outstanding citizen. Each time I have been called up for jury duty I’ve either been in the middle of a mental health… Continue Reading “Order in the Court”

When Mothers Leave Their Babies

*Kira turned to look at me for a moment from the passenger seat and gave a weary ‘I guess this is it’ anxious half-smile, her eyes were glistening with the tears she was trying so hard not to let out in front of her… Continue Reading “When Mothers Leave Their Babies”