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Look good, Feel Better part 1

I’m sitting in the car in the hospital car park. No treatment today thank goodness, but instead I’m going to attend a workshop called “Look Good, Feel Better”. It’s designed to help cancer patients cope with the physical toll of cancer treatments and so… Continue Reading “Look good, Feel Better part 1”

A Week of Goodbyes

Time passes as the daylight finally gives up on trying to peek beyond the tightly pulled curtains and disappears below the horizon for another day. Wind howls outside and it seems nothing is still but the shattered beat of our broken heart as we… Continue Reading “A Week of Goodbyes”

The Pixels Of The Universe

I’m watching shapes of collective ‘nothingness’ right now, those billions of dots that appear to make up the perceived universe are twisting and forming together again, noticeable enough to swirl seductively through the room as though they are about to physically manifest into something,… Continue Reading “The Pixels Of The Universe”

Talking To Strangers

When I was in Sydney I scored another hug from a random stranger. I will generally go to great lengths to avoid people I know when I’m in a funk, but I seem to always end up talking to strangers, even in the deepest… Continue Reading “Talking To Strangers”

Straya, Mate

So today is Australia Day, I would like to start off by saying that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the date. The current date is the 26th January to coincide with the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet back… Continue Reading “Straya, Mate”

Out Of The Bipolar Closet

Firstly, thank you to all of you wonderful kind-hearted people that have been messaging, emailing and tweeting me. I am so grateful for your support, you guys keep me going! Friday and Saturday were hell but on Sunday, I woke up feeling mildly better,… Continue Reading “Out Of The Bipolar Closet”