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New Beginnings

So we finally saw M face to face, it was fantastic to be there again, odd initially – I didn’t recognise the receptionist but she didn’t seem to recognise me either so I think she must have been new, but the funny thing about… Continue Reading “New Beginnings”


I say something insignificant and he answers abruptly. The vibe is off, I look at him. That expression on his face, the weight in the atmosphere fractures my heart and it makes me want to die instantly. Nothing else matters anymore. That look of… Continue Reading “Fractured”

Good news, bad news

Well the good news is we had the CT scan and the abdominal lump is real, not just hypochondria. It’s also quite big which unfortunately means they want to remove it… Apparently they don’t know what it is at this stage, just that it… Continue Reading “Good news, bad news”

Proof of Life

There are words written on pages, typed by these fingers, crafted by this brain. There are thousands upon thousands of words that describe in intricate detail the beauty and imperfections of life, words that tell stories of experiences, of hopes, of fears and overwhelming… Continue Reading “Proof of Life”

Brave Girls Don’t Cry

New Blog Post on a memory that resurfaced about the night I thought I’d lose my Mum.

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*** Update*** They have found her, she is apparently safe but I haven’t been given any more details at this point. Fingers crossed she gets some real help this time ! ****** If you’re the thoughts and prayers type, can you send a few… Continue Reading “Runaway”


Never is a long time, it’s as close as forever is far away and it feels equally as hopeless. It is a crossed over line in the black and white abyss of thoughts that circles around our loose attempt to cling to life a… Continue Reading “Never”

On Multiplicity and Madness

I think the moment I became truly afraid of my own mind was after witnessing another of my ‘selves’ spend hours combing over old MRI films and scouring the internet, she was sifting through medical dictionaries and thesauruses working out how the hell to… Continue Reading “On Multiplicity and Madness”

The Accident

The morning sunlight filters through my bedroom blinds and burns through my eye lids. That and a mild throbbing sensation in my head the only remnants of last nights ugly cry induced migraine. Ugh. I put the pillow over my head and briefly wish I… Continue Reading “The Accident”


The room is crowded. It’s full of elephants. My aunt has a ridiculously large collection of elephants, and ironically bipolar. Actually in hindsight, those two things are probably linked… Anyway. What was my point here again?  Oh yes, elephants. 🐘 My last visit to my… Continue Reading “Elephants”