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Carry On

The mood can seem to shift so fast, We’ve been fighting a harsh and unwinnable past. Now time is running out and grief clouds our overcast mind.But the storm in our head’s nearly over,I’m ready to let go of my rein.Carry on fighting my… Continue Reading “Carry On”

A Fox in the Hen House

I used to keep and breed both chickens and Muscovy ducks. For a time they were my pride and joy. A mismatched flock of Isa browns, Rhode Island Red’s and crested silkies with their fluffy feet and pom pom hats would scavenge and peck… Continue Reading “A Fox in the Hen House”

Dark Winter

We had discussed music in our therapy appointment. Music holds a lot of power over us, it can calm us down from a manic rampage or send us spiralling into madness depending on the day. We love every shade of it and treasure it’s… Continue Reading “Dark Winter”

Death’s Playbook

It’s hard to fight against such a friendly foe, to ignore its whispering promises of a rest long awaited, a peace long forgotten when one is so desperately sought. The distorted images of a thousand yesterday’s and infinite tomorrow’s play over and over in… Continue Reading “Death’s Playbook”

The Path to Nowhere

His journey is a lonely one, He travels through the night, On a long path to nowhere, Just looking for his light. Living his life out in the open, But still hidden from everyone, On this long path to nowhere, What has driven him… Continue Reading “The Path to Nowhere”

Seeds of Hope

Hope can be a dangerous thing, too little and we exist as a husk blowing through the winds of life. Too much and we risk the crushing disappointment of loss, failure or rejection. After a lifetime of protectively exiling hope from my thoughts, I… Continue Reading “Seeds of Hope”


Romantasize your life oh vagrant son,for the glass is half full tonight.Wherever the breeze may take you, you pull out your guitar and write. Make your bed under a canopy of stars,as the wind quietly whispers your name.Give up society for freedom,and companionship for… Continue Reading “Drifter”

Broken Words

I am starting to lose myself again, I’ve had the burning need to lock myself away somewhere alone and just write until I’ve processed my entire life for a week now. I had a series of epiphanies that cracked open a box inside and… Continue Reading “Broken Words”

The Last English Teacher

She was short and chubby, 30 something with long blonde hair. She was kind yet firm, quick witted with a sarcastic ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude. Her name, like my own, was Kate and in an era where teachers were only ever called Sir,… Continue Reading “The Last English Teacher”


In the sunlight the butterfly dances,From flower to flowerFluttering wings create a tiny ripple. But nobody hears. In the moonlight the moth dances,From flower to flower.A tiny ripple becomes a massive storm. But nobody sees. The storm recedes, the moth & the butterfly emerge.Alone… Continue Reading “Butterfly”