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Finding Out Stuff About Yourself

So, it’s always fun finding out things you didn’t know about yourself. I found an old journal blog circa 2014/15. I think on some level I knew it existed, but was largely unaware of its content, which is mostly about suicide and written prior… Continue Reading “Finding Out Stuff About Yourself”

The World’s Stage

I have always questioned the reality of the world I live in. From a young child I remember wondering if I was being tricked by all of the adults in my life, certain things I was told just didn’t add up to me. I… Continue Reading “The World’s Stage”

Black and White Lies

This is coming out all wrong in my head, jumbled, I don’t know what to say next. I just needed to write something, try and work out the feelings that I can’t discuss, that I can’t even put into black and white for fear… Continue Reading “Black and White Lies”