Just Shut Up Already!

Ugh. I’m annoyed. I read one of those ‘I have a degree therefor I know everything there is to know about everything and Depression and Anxiety are just bullshit conditions made up by people who are too lazy to work’ comments on Facebook today and had to step away from the computer.

You sit there with your accountant degree not realising just how lucky you are having never had to suffer from crippling depression or anxiety.

I am sad that it appears all of the doctors and psychiatrists with all of their years of study and degrees aren’t as competent or knowledgeable as you clearly are about the subject of mental health since they seem to believe in its existence.

I am sorry you are feeling hard done by having to work out how to legally avoid paying taxes every year when all of these ‘liars’ with non-existent mental health conditions “bludge free money off the government” which they “spend frivolously on luxury items” while you slave away behind your office desk bitching about other people all day.

Do you know how much money a person on a disability support pension gets?

I do. I used to work for the government department that dishes it out. It’s not much.

People in my old department working on a public holiday earned in ONE DAY the same amount of money a person on the disability support pension received in a fortnight.

That fact bothered most people with a conscience.

That tidbit of money needs to pay for rent, food, petrol, clothing and shoes for children and medication. Yes, here in Australia many medications are subsidized, but not all of them are, some of them are hundreds of dollars per prescription. You would earn more working part time at Mc Donalds, but oh yeah living off disability is a choice. Not to mention the rigmarole involved in actually obtaining the Disability Pension in the first place (can literally take years even if you lose both legs and an eye) and you know, the general awfulness of being sick all the time.

Wow, it seems that some people with depression are so freaking lazy that they decide it’s way easier to just kill themselves than it is to ‘get a job’!

I will get off my high horse now but if I don’t pretend to know anything about working out the best methods of tax evasion for rich people, can you please stop pretending to know all about mental health?


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