I wanted to share with you a beautiful song that spoke to me so deeply I almost cried. It’s named Three and it’s by Ryan O’Neal also known as “Sleeping At Last” from their album Atlas Enneagram. There’s a whole story behind the album, each song is written to a personality type on the Enneagram personality test.

(Album cover)

This webpage talks about the history of the album in detail and is well worth a read.

We have never had any luck using personality tests, we struggle to answer the questions singularly and so while the test told me I’m a number 4, I listened to the whole album (it’s all excellent) and while I could probably assign a song to each of my alters, Three was the one that hit me deep in the feels.

You can take the enneagram personality test HERE to find your number and then refer to the Enneagram album on iTunes or Spotify etc to match to your corresponding song. I’d love it if you share your own results and thoughts on ‘your’ song in the comments at the end!



Maybe I’ve done enough
And your golden child grew up
Maybe this trophy isn’t real love
And with or without it I’m good enough
Maybe I’ve done enough
Finally catching up
For the first time I see an image of my brokeness
Utterly worthy of love
Maybe I’ve done enough
And I finally see myself
Through the eyes of no one else
It’s so exhausting on this silver screen
Where I play the role of anyone but me
And I finally see myself
Unabridged and overwhelmed
A mess of a story I’m ashamed to tell
But I’m slowly learning how to break this spell
And I finally see myself
Now I only want what’s real
To let my heart feel what it feels
Gold, silver, or bronze hold no value here
Where work and rest are equally revered
I only want what’s real
I set aside the highlight reel
And leave my greatest failures on display with an asterisk
Worthy of love anyway

This is Nine, it’a the song that makes me think of Katie the most:


Who am I
To say what any of this means
I have been sleepwalking
Since I was fourteenNow as I write my song
I retrace my steps
Honestly, it’s easier
To let myself forgetStill, I check my vital signs
Choked up, I realize
I’ve been less than half myself
For more than half my lifeWake up
Fall in love again
Wage war on gravity
There’s so much
Worth fighting for
You’ll seeAnother domino falls
Either wayIt looks like empathy
To understand all sides
But I’m just trying to find myself
Through someone else’s eyesSo show me what to do
To restart this heart of mine
How do I forgive myself
For losing so much time?Wake up
Roll up your sleeves
There’s a chain reaction
In your heart
Muscle memory
Remembering who you areStand up
Fall in love again and again and again
Wage war on gravity
There’s so much
Worth fighting for
You’ll seeAnother domino falls
And another domino fallsA little at a time
I feel more alive
I let the scale tip and feel all of it
It’s uncomfortable but rightWe were born to try
To see each other through
To know and love ourselves and others well
Is the most difficult and meaningful
Work we’ll ever do

And this such a Kate song whether she agrees or not!


How nice it’d be if we could try everything
I’m serious, let’s make a list and just begin
“What about danger?” So what. “What about risk?”
Let’s climb the mountain before we cross that bridge! ‘

Cause I’m restless, I’m restless, I’m restless
For whatever comes next

How wonderful to see a smile on your face
It costs farewell tears for a welcome-home parade
A secret handshake between me and my one life:
I’ll find the silver lining no matter what the price

‘Cause I’m hungry, oh I’m hungry, I’m hungry
For whatever comes next

Let me tell you another secret of the trade-
It feels like sinking when I’m standing in one place
So I look to the future and I book another flight
When everything feels heavy, I’ve learned to travel light

But I want to be here
Truly. Be. Here
To watch the ones that I love bloom
And I want to make room
To love them through and through and through
And through the slow and barren seasons too

I feel hope
Deep in my bones
Tomorrow will be beautiful

And I’m ready. God I’m ready, oh I’m ready
Restless and hungry, but I’m ready
For whatever comes next

5 Comments on “Enneagram

  1. I’m a 9 and those lyrics really touched me, especially the line ‘I’ve been less than half myself for more than half my life’. Thanks for sharing this – I’m going to check it out tomorrow on Spotify!

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